Dash Camera INstallation


Why should you install a dash camera?

While in the road, even when you think you have a full view of the road ahead, there still can be times that you simply just missed exactly what really happened in an incident. Dash Cameras are the answer to really finding out what happened and aiding you in an insurance fraud dispute.

Log On JS450 Plus

The Log-On JS 450 Plus Dash Camera is a Dual Channel Dash Camera System with Full HD 1080p Front Camera, and HD 1080p Rear Camera, with Ultra-Wide Video Recording capabilities on both video channels, and a built-in Hardwire Kit for Parking Surveillance.

Boasting a 155° Ultra Wide amera, you are ensuring that no matter what happens around you,

Key Features

- Dual Channel System for Front & Rear Camera
- Sony EXMOR Image Sensor
- 155° Ultra Wide Camera Angle
- Built-in Hardwire Kit for Parking Surveillance
- Configurable Power Cut-Off for Low Voltage Protection (prevents your battery going flat due to the Dash Cam)
- Temperature Sensing Cut-Off for High-Temperature Protection
- Quick Boot (fully booted within 10 seconds)
- Up to 128GB MicroSD Card Supported
- Discrete Installation with Compact Design
- Built in Wi-Fi b/g/n
- Built-in G-Sensor
- High Performance Microphone for recording audio and video simultaneously
- Exclusive App for Viewing and Configuration
- Firmware Updates by Wi-Fi
- Motion Sensing (Front & Rear)
- Working Log Report (Error Monitoring)
- Smart Format Free File System* (see below for details)